Chris Ducker


Overview: Content designed to guide users on starting, or retooling a business, to be more successful and productive

Known for: Advisory site run by founder of Virtual Staff Finder, and featured in Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Inc., The Huffington Post

Learn How to: Grow your business primarily through customer engagement

Founder: Chris Ducker

Price: Free 7 day trial Bootcamp


Detailed Description: Site provides podcasts, access to blogs and recommendations for tools and other sites to increase business productivity. Tool and site recommendations, and podcasts are provided at no cost and accessible without registration. 7 day free-trial consists of a different training video each day.

Subject matter of interviews and podcasts are wide-ranging. Many of these are conducted by industry experts across the business spectrum. Guidance on outsourcing, managing podcasts, business motivation, and customer service among others.

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