Copywriting Master Class


Overview: Training to write more effectively and increase earnings

Known for: Attaining Top 20 blog status in 2014, among Australian sites

Learn How to: Write content that spurs a call to action

Founder: Belinda Weaver

Price: Free mini-course, Full course with coaching provided for fee


Detailed Description: Site provides training for writers. Ms. Weaver believes and teaches that writing is only 20% creativity and 80% technique. Courses cover creating content that inspires action, power words, Instructional material covers business and creative writing.

Free mini-course is provided as an introduction. Master class is conducted twice a year and runs for 12 weeks, with 16 lessons. Ms. Weaver allots one hour of individual coaching to each of her students enrolled in the master class for duration of the course, in addition to video lessons.

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