Digital Commerce Academy

digital commerce adadamy

Overview: Founder Brian Clark and his team offer a training program on fundamental knowledge and processes that form the backbone of any successful digital business.

Known for: They are the company behind Copyblogger, StudioPress, Genesis the WordPress framework, and the Rainmaker Platform.

Learn How to: Create online courses, WordPress themes, software, and other digital products and services. Use online media that drives customer acquisition, create traffic funnels that convert, and use marketing automation techniques.

Founder: Brian Clark

Price: $395 / year


Detailed Description: Digital Commerce Academy focuses on training students to provide digital products and services solely via ecommerce. Students have access to monthly webinars, case studies, one-on-one consultations, and other members of the Digital Commerce Academy Community.

Students select courses covering their area of interest, which may include SaaS, online training, publications among others. Courses are also available on marketing techniques, designed to help drive traffic to a product or site, and online business management, to help an entrepreneur run a successful business.

Digital Commerce Academy is a part of the Digital Commerce Institute. The institute has an annual summit, with several guest speakers on digital content and delivery. Cost of the summit is an additional $200. The institute also provides a platform for creating websites and hosting for $125 a month.

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