The Foundation

The Foundation

Overview: The Foundation provides training for all phases of software marketing, from concept to development and delivery.

Known for: Write-ups in Forbes, Under 30 CEO, and other publications.

Learn How to: Discover a niche market and need, then create and market a software solution to fulfill that need.

Founder: Dane Maxwell

Price: $5,000.00 / 6 mo. course, some free introductory lessons available


Detailed Description: The Foundation provides some introductory training at no cost, however the centerpiece training is a six-month program with a $5000 tuition. Lessons in the program are taught by seasoned professionals, and mentoring is also provided.
Scope of the training covered includes identifying and developing a digital need, producing a solution and successfully marketing it. Training is intended for aspiring entrepreneurs, who can invest at least 10 hours a week in the endeavor. No previous technical experience is required to enroll.

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